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The Ballad of Cal & Cubi CD "The Ballad of Cal & Cubi" (1997) 
on Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 422/EFA

Lyrics of "The Ballad of Cal & Cubi"

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Falling to the Ground   RA,75 KB 

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Honky Tonk Man
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Roadmap CD "Roadmap" (1995) on Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 375/EFA

Lyrics of "Roadmap"

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Death Valley Junction CD "Death Valley Junction" (1994) on Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 313/EFA

Lyrics of "Death Valley Junction"

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Death Valley Jct.
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4 songs in full length at!!


"Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" (1994) Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 314/EFA
"Silos and Utility Sheds" (1995) Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 361/EFA
"Out of the Blue Vol. 1" (1995) Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 378
"Out of the Blue Vol. 3" (1996) Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 400
"Roots all over the goddamn' place" twah! 027 / EFA
"Have One" (1997) Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 425
"Out of the Blue Vol. 5" (1998) Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 440
"Out of the Blue Vol. 6" (1999) Glitterhouse Rec. GRCD 456
"This note's for you too" (1999) INBETWEEN Rec. IRCD 004
"Seka [Sister]" Vol. 2 (2000) twah! 115 / EFA 61115-2        



star.gif (904 Byte) "The Ballad of Cal & Cubi" (1997) star.gif (904 Byte)
Rolling Stone 12/97: ...their purest, most solid work yet, taken from their professional peers, yes... but in a most agreeable way.
Info-Tip 1/98 With the release of their 3rd CD they emphasize that there must be a reason why they have been performing with some of the genres greats. Hanging loose and breezy.
HNA 28.11.97 : ...stories of everyday life, packed in beautiful songs for those of us craving for harmony.
Wildwechsel 1/98: If for no other reason, then because this new release is the most developed and best CD of the bands history. Fine arrangements with well balanced instrumentation.
Trends & Fun 10/97: A real pleasure for all country-folk fans

star.gif (904 Byte) "Roadmap" (1995) star.gif (904 Byte)
Fachblatt 12/95: ... likeable because all the playful easiness, what makes "Roadmap" to an extremely pleasant performing.
Info-Tip 12/95: ... absolutely great, this album!
Kick 'n Roll Nr.10: ... authentic example of contempory, American songwriting,
... not only good but simply fine.
Wildwechsel 11/95: ... confidently can be heard by the Country fan just as grip such as the Hardrocker with tolerance,
... good music needs no drawer.
Stern "Death Valley Junction" (1994)star.gif (904 Byte)
Intro 5/94: ... Excellent no-frills album.
Wildwechsel 5/94: ... secret record of the month.
Diablo 9/94: ... is for me the most outstanding band of this genre.
AZ Frankfurt 11/94: ... white pain, musically-songtechnical diversified and sovereign presented.
Eichsfelder Tageblatt 1.9.94: ... at present the best German (alternative) Countryband!
Visions 6/94: ... very best professional-statement in matters south eternal-and-far-away-is-the-horizon-ballad. Excellent!
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