star.gif (904 Byte) Stefan Kletezka: Git, Voc


star.gif (904 Byte) Birgit Wiegandt:Bass,Voc


star.gif (904 Byte) Dirk Blume: Drums



Logo ... says Good Bye!!
The Hitchin' Post doesn't exist anymore.
We had some fantastic years, a great label (THANX Glitterhouse!!) and lots of wonderful gigs with some really great musicians!! We wann say thank you all, we ever came in touch with!!!

Thank you very much!!!  

In the fall we will have a goodbye party in Hann. Münden with some other musicians and of course many guests!!

This site won't be updated anymore.


star.gif (904 Byte)   is the cowboy slang term for the post to which horses can be tied. In the SW of the USA, it is a popular name for saloons and stagecoaches-stations, where cowboys changed horses or just had a drink.
star.gif (904 Byte)   is a band from Hann. Münden, Germany, which performs "handmade" American music in the tradition of Neil Young and Johnny Cash.
Thereby the three-piece moves between the small and big tragedies of life and blends the desert of south California with the rough hilly country of Südniedersachsen, Germany.

Let's Go Honky Tonkin' With The Hitchin' Post

It's out there... that genuine unembarrasing country rock from good ol' Germany, not ashamed to admit just who it is that have influenced it's upbringing so much, but always keeping both feet square on the ground.
star.gif (904 Byte) "The Hitchin' Post" have absorbed the large fundus of american music reaching back to the pure country sound of none other than Loretta Lynn, on to the legendary texan songwriters, from solid "roots rock" to refreshing and instilling "no depression" bands.
Nevertheless, there is definetely the unique "Hitchin' Post" sound that has become their trade mark, and it is this sound that compels the listener to nod his head in recognition after hearing a few licks.
star.gif (904 Byte) Just a further piece of evidence that states: Here is a band with soul and deepness of feeling, tempered through countless concerts, whether in tiny clubs or on impressive stages with such greats as Penelope Houston, Joan Baez, The Walkabouts, David Munyon, Hazledine, Go To Blazes, Terry Lee Hale, The Schramms, etc.
Through their music, the band has drawn quite a few devoted and faithfull listeners together.



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